Whenever a person tells a group of people that they are majoring in or are studying psychology, then the first question other people would put forth is if they can read minds which is unfortunate. It would be great if people who study psychology can have some mutant powers or super natural powers like reading minds and controlling other people, but they cannot. If you are planning to study psychology for it, then you should probably change your mind since psychology teaches people to understand and rationalise the behaviour of other people.

Is psychology and counselling same?

Counselling is a part of psychology. Therefore, you might study the best counselling courses in Singapore but that does not make you a counselling expert. You need to understand you wish to study and then work on it. Psychology is a broad subject in which counselling a method or approach taken to help deviants and other mentally unstable people.

Why study counselling?

Counselling would give you a chance to make a real difference in an individual’s life. If you are someone who is interested in doing something worthwhile as a career then counselling is your choice. You will also be able to use your counselling techniques in your real life problems. This is one of the best areas to apply and understand psychology. You will be able to solve problems without breaking a sweat since they truly will not be complicated.

Is psychology degree better than counselling?

Most people wonder this when they are planning to chose a degree. If you are having the same doubt, then you should do introspection and ask yourself what you desire to get out of your education. If it is just the application, then counselling is the path for you. However, if you do a counselling course after a degree in psychology, you will benefit more from it.

Reasons to study psychology

Psychology is one of those subjects that should not be classified as arts and science. It is complicated and has an opinion from and about different forms and fields. By studying psychology, you will be able to rationalise people’s behaviour and even understand yourself much better. You will also be able to refine your critical thinking and you are more likely to be employed. Your employability will increase when you follow a psychology degree with some other degree. You will find avenues to develop yourself and those around you since you will be seeing the potential of people. In short, it would make you a better person.

In conclusion, there are always better degrees which might even fetch you better package but psychology and counselling would not just be a career, it will be a part of you and your identity. You will be able to help people and reach them in a way you cannot even imagine.