Believe it or not, even the person who you feel is perfect and flawless has their own set of flaws and insecurities. Humans as a whole are riddled with uncertainties and weakness; the only difference is that some are more adapt at covering these up and rising above them¾while others wallow in them and make it their excuse for not doing better. Here’s how you can be of the first group, and not the second…


Identify what you assume your flaws are

First, give a careful thought about what your insecurities are. For some, outer appearances (too short/tall, too thing/fat, acne, imperfect teeth etc.) can be the cause of their lack of self confidence, while for others, their shortcomings in other aspects in life can be the reason. These other aspects can be anything from educational qualifications, their lack of a romantic relationship or even prior work experience. Determining what is (or who is) holding you back from being your fabulous self can help you a great deal.


Consider if they can be corrected

Most self deduced flaws can easily corrected. For example, if you have bad acne or crooked teeth, you can easily use makeup to cover it up (though we strongly suggest you don’t, as it may damage and scar your skin permanently), and get your teeth straightened through braces. Other flaws like a lack of educational qualifications also can be easily corrected¾it’s never too late to pursue an education inGlobal MBA Singapore based…! Even a lack of a committed relationship will eventually come into place if you try to be more confident in yourself.


Accept the things that cannot be corrected

There are other things which you consider a flaw that cannot be corrected. While things like your height or your lack of experience fall into this category, other and more serious things like severe physical flaws also fall into this category. These are things you simply cannot change, no matter what you do. For these flaws, it’s best simply to accept it.Once you have accepted your flaws, and made them the reason why you rise above and shine, no one will be able to use them against you.


Learn to be your best friend, your motivational speak, and your personal cheerleader 

More often than not, we are our own worse enemies. The restrictions we put on ourselves and the doubts we pile on our minds are the very reason why we don’t even try to excel. If this rings true with you as well, it is time to change that. Become your personal motivational speaker and cheerleader. Be your own best friend, your most cherished well wisher. Once you have, you will find your self-confidence strengthening far more than you expected it to…