Do you find that your employment premises are getting more toxic by the day? Do you feel like you have to fight everyone at work to get something done right? Do you feel like everyone is at each other’s throats? Do you feel as if nobody would care if another person in the department suddenly got a heart attack at office? If the answer to these questions were “yes”, then you have a serious problem at hand. Luckily for you, there are things that you can do or suggest to your manager to do, that will help build harmony and trust within the workplace.


Take Them Out of Office

One thing that you can suggest to your bosses or managers is to take the department employees to a facility that focuses on group team building Singapore. There are reliable companies that do these kinds of things for employees at a good rate, and most of the time, it involves food. The culinary aspect of the exercise is bound to help people get along, because food has the effect of bringing people together to assist in the execution of a great savoury or sweet dish.


You can also take them out for dinner – work sanctioned gatherings in an informal setting without the bosses present are an excellent ice breaker and a way for people to get to know the personal side of their co-workers. This not only enhances your relationships with each other but also sheds light on what people are going through and may explain some of their behaviour at work – people then see their co-workers as people and learn to empathise with them. Once this has been established, working together would not be much of a problem going forward.


You can also organize trips for employees – a day or two off, at a hotel, seated in the lap of luxury with each other and relaxed: this is a recipe for success in any situation. When relaxed, people are more open to each other, and therefore, your feuding co-workers will most probably find common ground and find a way to get along as well.

Family trips are also a good idea, in order to create solidarity and unity through fun – the kids, the spouses and co-workers can all coexist for a few days and have some unfiltered and appropriate fun. This will band people together like never before, and make for solidarity once the festivities are over and everyone is back at work.


Whatever you do, you should choose the best option with the knowledge you have of your co-workers.