In a time where many hotels provides all the basic amenities that the modern traveler could want and with multiple review sites which either recommend or do not recommend certain hotels, customer service plays a huge role in who survives in the cut-throat hospitality industry and who fails to rise above the tide.

Unlike other industries where employees are only there to make and sell a product, in the hospitality industry the employees are a part of the product and service being offered. Even if the hotel is fabulous and luxurious, rude employees will definitely discourage customers from ever returning again. The worst part is not only will they not return, they would also actively discourage others from using the service.


Therefore it is important that employees are trained. However the training in question is not the one provided by managers or by the hotel itself for about three weeks where the employees learn the basics of hospitality but something a bit more recognized and more informative like a hotel management diploma or even just a local course. Let me tell you why.

It is not biased information.

As an owner you would have your own opinions about how an employee needs to behave while some of this might be right, it isn’t guaranteed to be a 100% correct as your own biases and experience would influence the knowledge you decide to impart in the training. E.g. you may not think providing a hotel guest with towels when using the pool is necessary therefore you may not inform your employees to do so. Therefore employees may ignore or even refuse the guest if they ask for the towel. However as providing towels to guests who use the swimming pool is actually common in the industry and expected by the guests, not entertaining the request will reflect badly on the employee and your hotel.

Therefore to ensure that your employees are given proper information it is necessary that you send them to be trained in a proper institute.

It provides them with new information.

There are things you may not know about hospitality and proving services which your employees will learn. These could be tactics you could utilize to help the hotel grow and attract more customers or methods to increase the hygiene or finish a task more quickly. Both of which would help the company become more reputable and even cut costs.

Therefore enroll your employees in recognized programs that would train them to not just become better at what they do but help the whole hotel grow and become more successful.