Many people want to learn the Korean language today. This is because of the ‘K-wave’ brought about by the Kdrama and KPop.  But apart from this, here are some of the reasons why you should start learning the Korean language now.

The Korean Language is one of the Widely Spoken Languages
According to studies, the Korean language is one of the most popular in the world. There are around 80 million people who speak it.

Experience Traveling to South Korea

South Korea is a country with one of the most advanced economy. The country is dynamic and beautiful. As such, if you are considering to travel or work in Korea, you must learn how to speak their language.

Learning Hangeul is Easy
Learning the Korean alphabet or the Hangeul is very easy. Anyone can master it for an hour or two. The characters in the alphabet are combinations of circles and straight lines.


Easy Rules
Unlike in English, the pronunciation system in Korean is not random. There is a scientific relationship between the pronunciation of the words plus the spelling. There are logical rules when it comes to the pronunciations. Students may find it difficult in the beginning. But once you have learned the tricks, the chances of having to pronounce it incorrectly will be very low.

For the native English speakers, Korean grammar might be challenging to learn. This is because it follows the subject-object-verb (SOV) pattern. But as you understand the concept, the process will become very easy. Always remember that the verb will always be at the end. The other elements of the sentence will have specific particles connected to them. Even if you change the order of words in the sentence, it will not change its overall meaning. This is true even if one may find it to sound unnatural. There is no concept of gender in the language for nouns in the language of Koreans. The gender of the nouns will not make any difference to the other elements in the sentence. Furthermore, there is no need to learn any specific intonations. This is unlike Chinese and other languages.


Understand the Society and Culture
The language has also a system for the Honorifics. In the beginning, students can find this intimidating. However, it gets interesting at the end. This is because it helps you understand the society plus the culture altogether. There are various levels of honorifics which the Koreans use in their social factors. Examples of which are the status, age, solidarity, and others. If you are not sure which honorific forms to use, you must go with the general one.