Maintaining a long-lasting relationship with another person is a lot of work. Both parties need to express the same level of commitment and hard work to keep the relationship going despite the many obstacles they face. People that have been married for decades will tell you about the hard work and dedication a relationship requires.

Today, relationships need an extra serving of attention and hard work to keep them going. People have become more and more flaky and quit the minute the face a problem. Following are a few things to keep in mind if you really want a long-lasting relationship.

Understanding is key.

You have to remember that the both of you are two individual people with two completely different perspectives. You have to always be able to understand your partner, and by understand, I mean, put yourself in their situation and hear them out.Look at things from their perspectives and try to come to terms to what’s behind what they say.


Their opinion matters.

Your partner is your partner because at some point their opinion meant the world to you. Keep that attitude going, if their opinion meant so much at the beginning it still should mean the same no matter how man y years have passed. Neglecting or paying no attention to your partner’s opinion will make them feel irrelevant and cause some unsteadiness between you two.


Remember that both of you grow with time.

Growing is changing and with tie our opinions, likes, dislikes and behaviour change throughout the years. It is not healthy to expect your partner to remain the same person you met all those years ago. Change is inevitable and the only thing you can do is adapt and grow with them. Learn to appreciate the new changes and learn about the person they are becoming rather than berating them for not being who they were years ago.


Appreciate the small things

Letting your partner know that you appreciate the little things they do for you can go a long way. Acknowledge them and their effort and they will keep trying to make you happy. Neglecting their efforts will make them will unappreciated and question their worth in your life.


Counselling: If you need the extra help.

If you feel that your relationship is hanging on by a thread by don’t want to give up, seek a marriage counsellor, and be open and disclose your problems.

Don’t be afraid to speak up about the issues that feel are threatening your relationship, but do remember to also hear your partners end of the story, don’t simply disregard it.