Examinations… they are the bane of every student’s life. It requires so many hours of studying, hair-pulling and even more stress than performing heart surgery, all for just a simple grade on a report card. However while students absolutely loathe exams, they are there for a reason.

Examinations check a student’s proficiency in a subject and assess their knowledge and capability. It points rooms for improvement and rewards the best performers with not just a grade but awards and recognition. They also seek to check if a student is able to handle the next stage of their academic career.

Therefore exams are very important and students should prepare for them as well as they possibly can because that simple little grade is going to affect their lives. So how do prepare well?

Some parents may suggest a student to sit down with their textbook and revise for hours at a stretch. Other may insist the student spend many hours of their day completing past papers and worksheets but are either of these methods foolproof? Well the answer is no. Repetition is great but it is not enough. When you do an examination you cannot solely depend on memorized answers to help you score. There are many more things you need to do.

Actually understand the content

You can memorize all you want but if a question that requires critical evaluation turns up in your examinations, memorized answers will not allow you to score very well. You need to understand the content. Not just the keywords but the whole thing. You need to break it down to smaller components and then understand the content from the basic to the more complicated theories. When you understand the content you will be able to answer every possible question related to it regardless of whether it has appeared before or not.

Be creative with the way you study

Sitting by a desk and making notes does not work for everyone. If you find studying to be boring then just get creative.  Make PowerPoint presentations, make charts, have a notebook and draw what you are studying. It can even be something as simple as using different coloured pens. A little bit of creativity can make studying more interesting and you would feel motivated to actually dedicate time to study.

Get additional help ahead of your examinations

There is nothing wrong with getting the help of a tutor if you need to pass that n level chemistry exam then choosing to work a tutor who specializes in n level chemistry tuition singapore is actually wise. Your teacher in school has to teach many students and will not be able to spend adequate time with you to solve all your doubts and questions. However a tutor will be able to dedicate an hour or more just for you and will be able to help you understand the subject properly without being too rushed.

Ultimately examinations are not as tough as you may believe it to be if you prepared well for it.