Preschool starts at 10am so I have the benefit of sleeping in as opposed to high school teachers. Getting to the school thirty minutes before the children start arriving to clean up some tables and prepare the workload for the day.

The children start arriving by 10 am like clockwork. This is the best part of the day. Some with huge smiles grinning to the edges of their mouth, some sobbing quietly, sad to leave their mothers, some all confident and trying to act all grown up.

Classes commence soon, we ring a bell to announce that work is starting and whoever was out playing rushes back in. We begin class and for today’s class, I have decided to teach phonics using some advice from a phonics and reading programme singapore. The children quickly catch on pronunciation and soon start to enjoy. It is always quite easy once we get past the part of grasping everyone’s attention, to quickly teach them something new. I quiz them from the previous day’s work just as a refresher and every time I am surprised by how much they remember.


Next I teach them the colors and to associate the color with what the word is. They repeat after me for the first round and for the second round, I get one child to hold a colored paper and the other to decide what the color us. They enjoy that a lot. The children always love doing things together.


Soon it is their snack time, they run into the play area after eating their snacks and enjoy playing. We teacher gather round and supervise their playing time. Even though it may seem like a light job at this stage, it is one that holds a tremendous amount of responsibility.


After snack time we ring a bell to announce that classes have started and the children rush back in. We have singing classes next where the children sing songs frantically enjoying their little hearts out. We let them sing a while before we take them back to class and assign some homework. A few numbers to write down, a few joining of colors etc.

Soon the day comes to a close and the children rush back to their mothers all too happily. After spending a day at school I’d imagine the little ones go home to nap. I finish my work, clean up and head home as well.