Earth as we call our planet within the universe is also known as the living planet due to interesting events taking place around us regularly. With unique phenomenon’s pushing curiosity to high levels, questions as what’s going on? How does that happen? This can generally be related to physics. Scientists believe that general life is governed by the laws of physics leaving miracles apart.

We hope to explore areas within our daily lives encompassing the conceptual stream in creating awareness and understanding of its connection to occurrences and items utilized regularly.

Let’s start with our daily routine,

  • Alarm Clocks – The buzzing sound created to indicate it’s time to wake up is something heard or experienced but is not visible. The wider range of the topic is discussed within origin, propagation and properties of sound working on the concepts of quantum mechanics.
  • Steam Iron – Soon after waking up and preparation to either leave home for school or work, clothes are pressed or ironed. The steam iron using the principles of heat is manufactured with knowledge of thermo dynamics describing energy transfer from warmer to colder substances.
  • Walking – With preparation to leave complete the process of walking is commenced towards a destination. The process aided with slippers or shoes utilized to protect the feet are responsible for resisting slipping. Friction & Traction are key aspects considered within the process defining an area of physics.
  • Vehicle Seat Belts – Working under the concept of inertia, seatbelts are created with the process of unwillingness or laziness to change its state of rest or motion. In car collisions, the body moving forward is held back and resisted due to inertia of motion.
  • With a few examples highlighted above and prior to continuing to other examples, if the information is complicated and you’re currently in the secondary level of education, enrol in physics tuition for sec 4 singapore in ensuring the learning process enables a successful outcome of physics.
  • Headphones & Earphones – Usually, music accompanies many to the final destination and a popular component among students. Concepts of magnetism being utilized within the speakers having magnets within create electromagnetic fields producing sound waves when plugged into an electrical source.
  • Ball Point Pen – a common tool used by most, the ball point pen uses gravity for the ink flow onto the top of the ball and moves across paper to create the writing.
  • Mobile & Camera Lens – With selfies being the most common topic connected to photography and mobile phones in modern times, the lens works with the concept of optics and convex lenses making the process of selfies possible. Mobiles similarly work on the principles of electricity and the electromagnetic spectrum along with wave motions of electricity and magnetism.

In conclusion, with examples provided to create awareness of how science relates to our daily life, the exploration of it further and understanding things differently is bound to create a new perspective on the way your surroundings are observed. Think deep, there’s a science to it.